Best Papu Pam Pam Comedy In Odia

In The Odia TV Channel or Odia Film Industry The most popular comedian is papu pam pam comedy, Since the video releases by him is very funny with lots of comedy, We recommend you to must watch the video, So you cant stop yourself without laugh.

Papu pam pam comedy
Papu pam pam comedy

Papu has participated many of TV show program & always in jatra drama show and also public program.

Today we will discuss one by one papu comedy and its video to watch the same from your mobile or computer.

Best Comedy TV Show Program In Odiya

The most popular comedy Tv program by papu papa pam is Excuse me, Jaha Kahibi Sata Kahibi. Here i am going to give you some most popular episodes link which was broadcasted by Taraga TV.



Papu Pam Pam Comedy Movie Odia

Also Papu has participated o several comedy odia movie or film , Which are very much popular & people are also like them so much, These movies are as specified below you can watch them one by one.

1. Police Officer

One of the best odia movie papu pom pom police officer odiya movie which is full of comedy hope you enjoy the movie here i am going to give you the youtube link, so that you can watch the same.

papu pom pom Police officer movie

2. Chouka Chhaka

Chouka Chaaka is one of the best odia movie which was very much popular which is also done by papu by his excellent talent of comedy, Most of the users like this movie too, Here is the Youtube movie link.

Similarly lots of movies also he participated as a main role as side role too.

These are the some of the film/movie list in which he has participated some part.

  • Pilata Bigidigola
  • Love Station
  • Rangila Toka
  • Balunga Toka
  • Kabula Barbula

Odia Songs Comedy by Papu Pom pom

There are also several odia comedy songs which are suit by him, some of them are here as you can see below:

Album:  Chirkut, Papu Pam Pam Special, Puja Dance Dhamaka,

Songs: Ranu Lo Ranu , Dussera Bazara Sandha