Odia Jatra Comedy – Latest Odiya Comedy New

Odia jatra comedy is very much popular in odisha, Since lot of fans are there that they only prefer to watch jatra comedy.

What is Odia Jatra Comedy?

Odia jatra comedy is nothing but a the comedy made by common people who are the part of the jatra drama, They may be the one from us or from other city but since they are doing lot of funniest thing for the people thats why the reason they becomes popular for the jatra comedy.

Odia Jatra Comedy
Odia Jatra Comedy

How Many Jatra Are There?

Although i cant say the exact number of jatra or drama that are are currently as daily a new jatra party is introduced, But i wil going to tell you some of the best popular jatra comedy in odisha or india hope you like them.

There are lots of jatra parties, Some of them are following as follows with their most know comedy :

1. Sibani GanaNatya

Sibani gananatya is most popular jatra party in odisha, It has lots of jatra title & lots of people are there funs.

There are having lots of shows in different districts in odisha, They are always busy with their program.

If you want to contact them for your local show then they will come to your place to entertain you but the thing is that they will charge you some amount for their expenditure.

Today we will discuss some of the sibani gananatya comedy scenes which you see means you will definitely laugh at this.


Best Comedy by Bhikari Charan Swain in sibani gananatya

2. Tulasi Gananatya

Tulasi gananatya also very familiar to odisha people hence it comes with most popular jatra comedy & stage show program with complete entertainment & fun.

Although there are lots of actors inside the tulasi gananatya some of them are very popular in these days those are Bapi TUkU basu bhai is most popular for comedy.

Here i am going to give you some odia comedy that you like from tulasi jatra

Tulasi gananatya jatra comedy

Bapi Tulasi Gananatya Comedy

3. Konark Gananatya

Konark Gananatya is coming from the odisha most popular kanark temple since its coming from the hindu mythology also several people like this very old jatra party.

In most popular city people prefer to attend the jatra from konark gananatya since they though that the name is belongs to konark so it will be best jatra all over the odisha.

They think like that & come to see the jatra stage show to enjoy the program.

Konak Gananatya Comedy Scene
Kaudi Khelo jatra comedy

4. Dhauli Gananatya

Dhauli gananatya is also the no 1 odia jatra party which come into picture from a long time thats why the reason people have some faith on it that the actors have some good experince so the show stage program of dhauli will be good.

But all the jatra are having the same quality some of them slightly best & most of them are very good since this is the source of income of theirs now a days there are lots of compition to showcase your talent so every odia jatra comedy should try to give their best to hold its reputation in odisha.

Some of the best odia jatra comedy scene from Dhauli gananatya are:

odia jatra comedy dhauli gananatya
odia jatra comedy

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