My Vision for India in 2047 Main Points

My Vision for India in 2047 Main Points

As Mr Prime Minister announced on Mann ki baat that every student should write a letter to him about My Vision for India in 2047 Main Points. Here You would know the major points which are described below

Here you can get an idea as a student what you should write to Mr. Narendra modi to proof your justified points, Here Some main points are stated which you must aware of before write a letter to PM.My Vision for India in 2047 Main Points

Salutation Before You Write A Letter

Respected Mr. Prime Minister,

I am (______your name________) from (____your place___) class (___your class___), Here is my thought which i am dreaming for 2047.

My Vision for India in 2047 Main Points

  • Most successful country in the world.
  • Independent of fuel, Energy & gas.
  • Mature India
  • Liquour Free India
  • Digital India
  • Poverty Free India
  • Corruption Free India
  • Free from Black money
  • One ID One Nation India
  • Garbage Free Nation
  • To Be the Lander of Manufacturering
  • Welcome Foreign Investors
  • Digital Study to Gaons
  • One man One Bank Account
  • Free From Un-Employment
  • Mangalyaan Success
  • Electricity to Every part of the nation
  • Digital Money Implementation
  • Cheatfund free nation
  • Terrorist free india
  • One Click Govt Support Service
  • Helpful India
  • Beti Bochao India
  • Equality Rules to females
  • Cast Free India
  • To become a Happy India
  • Fraud free Nation
  • Population Control India
  • We two Our One India
  • One nation One Network
  • Covid Free India
  • Fear Free Nation

My Vision for India in 2047 22 Lines

  • India must be free from corruption and blackmoney
  • Reduce the fraud and terrorism to make india safe
  • Prevent the quota and cast reservation system for jobs
  • Everywhere there should be digitization
  • No one should through garbage anywhere
  • Strict rules to all india citizen
  • Talent hunt compitetion to choose the respective candidate
  • Force education to every individual
  • Mandatoy of english subject all individuals
  • One id should be for each one to get all the benefits from govt
  • Risk Free india
  • No fear to travel in night specially for females
  • Equal chances in every case for both male and female candidates
  • Successfull testing og Gaganyaan and mangalyaan module
  • Be the Successfull country like japan
  • Well educated peoples across the world
  • One click govt service to each individual who deserve
  • All harmful thing like cigarate and liquor must be ban in india
  • India Must a lender of its own requirement
  • Independent india without any dependency to foreign countries
  • Digital money with one click payment solution
  • Indian currency should out bid the foreign currencies

My Vision for India in 2047 12 Lines

  • Be a most successfull country in the world
  • Foreign country should depend upon the nation
  • Must be controll the population of the country
  • Every one should follow the slogan one child
  • One Nation one rule irrespecting of cast
  • No more house except 2
  • Metro should connect to every city
  • Train connectivity to everywhere
  • Education must reach to every human being
  • Be your own boss fear to do wrong
  • priotizing the student who deserve the job
  • Choose the Capability not the capacity


My Vision for India in 2047 Example
My Vision for India example


Here you find the unique and best vision for India for 2047 which is now trending as Mr. narendra modi asked all students to share their thoughts across the country through mann ki baat.


How To write letter to prime minister?

Ans: its quite simple you can follow out above mention guide.

Which are the facts i should consider while writing vision for India?

Ans: you have to consider the main and important points which should be taken care of as per your views.

Where my vision for India in 2047 was declared?

Ans: Mr Narendra modi declared it for the first time on radio in mann ki baat.

Should i write a letter to Mr PM?

Ans: Yes, You should.

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